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A Book Review for You: Toyota FJ Cruiser Hardcover by Larry Edsall 5 out of 5 stars.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Hardcover        by Larry Edsall   5 Out of 5 stars

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"Toyota’s legendary FJ40, the rugged off-road two-door Landcruiser introduced in 1960, sold more than one million models in its lifetime—and is still in service in the roughest parts of the world, nearly a quarter of a century after the last one rolled off the assembly line. As Toyota prepares to roll out its new version of this classic, this book offers a close-up, behind-the-scenes look at the development and production of the new FJ Cruiser, a retro 4x4 that combines its famous predecessor’s unparalleled style with solid off-road capabilities and all the convenience and comfort that today's technology offers.                          
                                             With interviews from the designers, engineers, and executives involved in making the FJ Cruiser, as well as more than 150 photos of the new vehicle and details on the 4x4’s specifications, this book puts readers into the driver’s seat of Toyota’s next classic Cruiser.” 

  My Review:  Five Stars out of Five. This book is a treasure for the 4x4 and/or Toyota FJ enthusiast. There are lots of color photos and diagrams to peruse. This is a great book on the Cruiser. It's a bit dated from 2006, but contains a wealth of information. There are a lot of great photos and schematics of the original concept vehicle.
This is a great book for the Cruiser enthusiast. I have no hesitation is recommending it to others.

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