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5 Stars for Beautiful Old Dogs by Garry Gross...A Wonderful, beautiful book of senior dogs.

5 Stars for Beautiful Old Dogs by Garry Gross... A Wonderful, beautiful book of senior dogs.

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Gandhi once wisely said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way that its animals are treated.” True, and if you look around the United States or any other country, you quickly see that no country is truly great since they treat their animals so poorly.

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Warning: If you cry easily, be prepared to read this book slowly. I had to because some of the stories are sad, while others are so beautiful they made me cry too, which made it difficult to read all in one sitting.

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    This compilation of color photos of beautiful old dogs and selection of essays written by different dog owners is a heartwarming and heart wrenching read. Essays were contributed by Anna Quidlen, Doris Day, Ally Sheedy, Dean Koontz and more. Garry Gross, a noted fashion photographer and the photographer of this book believed in senior dogs and wanted to focus his photography skills on them bringing awareness to these patient and loving, loyal animals that are often overlooked at shelters in favor of younger dogs. They’re often abandoned by their families in favor of a younger dog. Shameful and terrible but sadly true. Mr. Gross did a wonderful job here. If you’re a fan of photography in general, a dog lover, a senior dog lover, you will love this book. Beautiful Old Dogs is “A Loving Tribute to Our Senior Best Friends.”
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I currently have five pet children, three of which are seniors, two are dogs. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of caring for many senior animals until death did us part. I once adopted a six month old full grown puppy over a dozen tiny newborn pups because she was it for me. I once adopted a seven year old huskie/shepherd mix that had spent most of his life in the shelter. I love older dogs and I truly believe that senior pets are to be admired, not discarded like an old shoe. Older dogs are mature, loyal, patient and full of wisdom that is to be admired. And the photos in this book bring that out in each dog.
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About the Author:
DAVID TABATSKY is a writer, editor, teacher and performing artist. He is the also the founder of Write for Life, dedicated to presenting writing and communication workshops in cancer centers around the country for patients, caregivers and medical staff. He teaches writing at The Cooper Union and circus arts and theatre in New York City public schools.  Garry Gross (1937-2010) was a professional photographer, well-known for his portraits of dogs.
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