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It Should Have Been Just Another Termination-5 Stars for A Cozy Mystery by Linda Thorne...


At long last, she lands a job with a good employer, but the trouble is just beginning…

Human resources manager Judy Kenagy hopes her days of running from bad bosses and guilt-ridden memories are over. But alas, she’s barely settled in when a young female employee is found shot to death, spinning her new workplace into turmoil. Small-town police chief, Carl Bombardier solicits Judy’s help in her role as the company’s HR Manager. While working with Judy, he shares his fanatical interest in a twenty-five-year-old double homicide he believes is linked to her last and worst bad boss. To make matters worse, the trusted assistant of her monster ex-boss starts showing up, keeping the unwanted connection going. When the pesky trusted assistant turns up murdered, Judy learns there’s a connection with the shooting death of the employee. She starts sleuthing at the crime scene and stumbles upon an important piece of evidence. Can she solve all of the murders with this single find? If she does, will she finally be freed from the demons of her past? Or are things not as they seem?

About the Author:

Linda Thorne was born in a podunk little town somewhere in the Deep South, but by the time she was six weeks old, she was living in Phoenix, Arizona. There, the feeling of being misplaced stayed with her. As soon as she was of age, she started moving. First, to Minnesota, which didn't feel right, so back to her desert city. Then to the Midwest, returning to Phoenix twelve months later. Her next move took her to California, then Colorado. Her wanderlust stayed with her until she rediscovered living in the South where her debut novel is set.

Thorne's career, like her lead character's, is in HR management, but she began pursuing her true passion, writing, in 2005. Just Another Termination is the first in a series of mysteries that tell the story of Judy Kenagy, the first human resources manager to turn sleuth. She is currently writing the second book in her series, A Promotion to Die For. Thorne lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two border collies.

My Review:            5 out of 5 stars.

"At long last, she lands a job with a good employer, but the trouble is just beginning…
Human resources manager Judy Kenagy hopes her days of running from bad bosses and guilt-ridden memories are over.”

But to say that human resources manager, Judy Kenaghy is wrong about that is an understatement. Just Another Termination is anything but just another termination. Who would think being a human resources manager could be so dangerous? Just Another Termination is a cozy mystery that begins strongly, with a bang, drawing the reader in. It does slow down a bit before it continues an uphill climb building up to the final climax when all is revealed and tied up tight. Mysteries always interested me, with cozy mysteries being no exception. I’m not a big fan of stories told in first person, but Ms. Thorne is so adept with it here that I hardly noticed it.

I found the premise of a Human resources manager being drawn into solving a murder an intriguing aspect of this book. It is certainly original. And why not? Anyone can get caught up in the same situation, which makes the storyline a credible one. Perhaps, not everyone would try to solve a murder, but that's the lure of cozy mysteries. As with any good cozy, there are lots of characters present to choose from as the suspect.  

I currently live in Mississippi and regularly visit Ocean Springs and the nearby areas. This book took me on a trip down there before Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast and devastated the area. Though, the area is being rebuilt some things may never rebound. Through Just Another Termination, I was able to take a trip back in time to visit the town before Hurricane Katrina struck and devastated the area. If you enjoy traveling, take a trip down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast with Judy from the comfort of your favorite seat. 
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