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5 out of 5 Stars for Chicken Eats Pasta: Escape to Umbria by Clare Pedrick....

Chicken Eats Pasta: Escape to Umbria by Clare Pedrick...                                                                

From amazon.com:

Not just another romance, but a story of escapism, coincidences, friendship, luck and most of all... love.
Chickens Eat Pasta is the tale of how a young Englishwoman starts a new life after watching a video showing a chicken eating spaghetti in a mediaeval hill village in central Italy.

“Here I was, 26 years old, alone and numb with boredom at the prospect of a future which until recently had seemed to be just what I wanted.”
Unlike some recent bestsellers, this is not simply an account of a foreigner’s move to Italy, but a love story written from the unusual perspective of both within and outside of the story. As events unfold, the strong storyline carries with it a rich portrayal of Italian life from the inside, with a supporting cast of memorable characters. Along the way, the book explores and captures the warmth and colour of Italy, as well as some of the cultural differences – between England and Italy, but also between regional Italian lifestyles and behaviour. It is a story with a happy ending. The author and her husband are still married, with three children, who love the old house on the hill (now much restored) almost as much as she does.
Chickens Eat Pasta is Clare’s autobiography, and ultimately a love story – with the house itself and with the man that Clare met there and went on to marry. If you yearn for a happy ending, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a story that proves anything is possible if you only try.


My review:

First off, it was the book title that caught my eye: Chickens Eat Pasta made me chuckle.. What a clever and humorous title. Inventive too. Then how the author, Clare Pedrick became interested in moving to Italy intrigued me even further. Imagine being intrigued enough by seeing a chicken eat pasta to make a move to a new place, another country. It’s exactly what this young British woman, the author did. She uprooted herself to start a new life after watching a video showing a chicken eating spaghetti in a mediaeval hill village in central Italy. That in itself interested this life-long traveler. I knew it was a memoir and despite memoirs not really being my thing, I had to read this one. Fortunately, I enjoyed Chickens Eat Pasta beyond the title. Why?

For one thing, Chickens Eats Pasta was cleverly written. It probably helped that the author is a journalist. And no, it isn’t a story about chickens eating pasta. No, it isn’t a cookbook either. The story begins with the author enduring another rainy, soggy day in England, and ends with her maiden Aunt Vi asking her the logical question, “How can you buy a house just because you’ve watched a video?” Good question, which this book does a great job in answering. Fortunately, the author studied Italian at Cambridge University before becoming a reporter. The funny thing about this book is that the author moved to a town that she had no idea where it was.

Chickens Eat Pasta by Clare Pedrick is a romance story, an interesting and satisfying read, but instead of the typical romance between two people, it was about her romance with an old house and the warmth and colors of Italy, specifically in the beautiful town of Umbria. Having been to Italy myself a few times, I can relate. Chickens Eats Pasta by Clare Pedrick is a great tale. I’d personally label it autobiography, memoir, and travel journal. I really enjoyed this book and have no hesitation in recommending it to others. If you enjoy traveling, especially from the safety and comfort of your favorite arm chair, may I suggest you take a look at Chickens Eats Pasta?

Until next review, stay safe. Smile! Show compassion to others. Be nice to one another. Read a book and pass it on. Review it. Reviews are very important tool for authors. Cheers!
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