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A Review for Deer: The Animal answer Guide by George A. Feldhamer and William J. McShea

A Review for Deer: The Animal answer Guide  by George A. Feldhamer and William J. McShea

Wonderful and informative book about all species of deer in the world. 5 out of 5 stars.
My Review:
This is a wonderful book for the animal enthusiast, hunter etc. If you want to know about the habits of deer and the different breeds, this is the book for you to read. I’m so glad that I purchased it. At 163 pages, there is an index, black and white sketches and color photos. There is so much for one to learn here. Examine a deer’s form and function, their behavior, ecology, reproduction, foods and feeding, interaction between deer and humans and more. Learn how many kinds of deer there are in existence. What is the difference between bucks, stags and bulls? How high can deer jump? How fast can deer run? Why do female caribou usually have antlers? Are deer social? If deer interest you and you want to learn more without reading several books or doing a search on the internet, this is the one for you.
Overall, this is an excellent book about deer and I highly recommend it without hesitation. Did you know that elk and caribou are deer? Neither did I. Well written and filled with lots of information in such a few pages, you couldn’t find a better resource.
About the Authors:
George A. Feldhamer is a professor of zoology at Southern Illinois University. He is coeditor of Mammalogy: Adaptation, Diversity, Ecology and Wild Mammals of North America: Biology, Management, and Conservation; and coauthor of Mammals of the National Parks, all published by Johns Hopkins.
William J. McShea is a research scientist at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and senior editor of The Science of Overabundance: Deer Ecology and Population Management and Oak Forest Ecosystems: Ecology and Management for Wildlife, the latter also published by Johns Hopkins.

Synopsis:   From Amazon.com:

Think of deer and the image that pops into most American's minds is that of a white-tailed deer, the most common large mammal in North America. Most Europeans are more familiar with red deer. It may surprise many people to know that there are actually about 50 species of deer found throughout the world. Here, readers will find nontechnical, expert information about the wide range of diverse deer species.

Did you know that elk and caribou are deer? Or that the earliest fossils of deer are 15 to 20 million years old? Have you ever wondered whether deer swim, play, or see color? How do deer avoid predators and survive the winter? Do deer make good pets or carry contagious diseases? George A. Feldhamer and William J. McShea answer these and other intriguing questions about members of the deer family Cervidae.
From the diminutive pudu of South America that weighs 17 pounds to male moose that weigh close to 2,000 pounds, Feldhamer and McShea explore the biology, evolution, ecology, feeding habits, reproduction, and behavior of deer. They chronicle the relationships between humans and deer—both positive and negative—and discuss the challenges of deer conservation and management.
With vivid color photographs and an accessible and engaging question-and-answer format, this easy-to-read book is the go-to resource on deer. Nature lovers, hunters, and anyone curious about deer will find this fact-filled book both fascinating and full of surprises.
Until next review, stay safe. Smile! Show compassion to others. Be nice to one another. Read a book and pass it on. Review it. Cheers!
S.J. Francis
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